Essential oil BERGAMOT Natur Boutique, 10 ml

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Essential oil BERGAMOT Natur Boutique, 10 ml

Aroma: fresh, fruity, with a spicy touch.

Description: An evergreen tree of the Rutaceae family with smooth oval and yellow-green fruits, similar to small oranges, but little edible due to strong bitterness. It is obtained by pressing almost ripe fruits from the peel.

Country of origin: Italy.

"Sunny" essential oil. Great for dealing with depression and anxiety. Bergamot makes the soul warm, it is associated with the heart chakra.

· Improves mood, pleases, cheers up on gray cold winter evenings.

· Relieves nervous tension, seasonal depression.

· Possesses anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action (cystitis, creams, acne).

· Soothes.

· Promotes an increase in lactation.

· Effective for problem skin: tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

· Aphrodisiac.

It goes well with other citrus and floral aromas, as well as with rosemary, sage.

Ingredients: 100% essential oil of bergamot (Citrus bergamia).

The shelf life of essential oils (except for the citrus group) is unlimited if the oil is stored in the dark, hermetically sealed, at a temperature from 0 to 30 degrees C. It is known that "thin" oils, like "thin" wines, are refined from long-term storage (incense, rose, neroli, sandalwood).

Production (this is bottling and packaging, since pure essential oils do not mix with anything and do not undergo any additional processing, but are bottled in their pure form, as they were received from the country of origin) is located in Nikolaev, RosKosmetika LLC.

Ingestion: there is no approval for the ingestion of oils. Therefore, regardless of product quality, we cannot recommend our oils for internal use.




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