Essential oil LEMONGRASS Natur Boutique, 10 ml

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Essential oil LEMONGRASS Natur Boutique, 10 ml

Aroma: fresh, lemon, herbal.

Description: Tall, fragrant, perennial, fast-growing herb with a powerful root system. The essential oil is obtained from fresh or dried chopped herbs by steam distillation.

Country of origin: India.

Essential "connective tissue oil", because it tightens, tones the skin and connective tissues. This makes it useful for massage and compresses after sports injuries and fitness, sprains and sprains, and after a diet, when the skin often loses its tone and begins to sag.

· Has an antiseptic and deodorizing effect (evaporate with an aroma lamp to refresh and purify the air, smell from animals).

· Lifts mood, increases energy level.

· Relieves headache (apply diluted to the temples). This essential oil helps you wake up in the morning, and a few drops on the floor of the shower stall will envelop you in a light cloud of fresh, new energy.

· Promotes concentration and clarity of thinking, good to use during exercise or meditation.

It goes well with most citrus and flower oils, as well as rosemary.

Ingredients: 100% Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) essential oil

The shelf life of essential oils (except for the citrus group) is unlimited if the oil is stored in the dark, hermetically sealed, at a temperature from 0 to 30 degrees C. It is known that "thin" oils, like "thin" wines, are refined from long-term storage (incense, rose, neroli, sandalwood).

Production (this is bottling and packaging, since pure essential oils do not mix with anything and do not undergo any additional processing, but are bottled in their pure form, as they were received from the country of origin) is located in Nikolaev, RosKosmetika LLC.

Ingestion: there is no approval for the ingestion of oils. Therefore, regardless of product quality, we cannot recommend our oils for internal use.


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