GINGER organic fito, 40 capsules Improves digestion

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GINGER organic fito, 40 capsules Improves digestion

Refreshes and improves digestion. Eliminates nausea, recommended for indigestion, bloating, flatulence, colds. Warms, improves blood circulation.

Ginger found its use in the Asian tropical countries as early as 7000 years ago and was used as a culinary and medicinal plant. Ginger improves digestion due to aromatic volatile substances that stimulate the release of digestive enzymes. The spicy rhizome has proven to be an excellent remedy for indigestion and colic. In addition, ginger is good for colds and flu: it increases sweating, lowers fever, promotes expectoration, and relieves cough. Reduces high cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure.

Ginger capsules are an easy and effective way to reap the benefits of consuming this spicy medicinal plant:

  • Improves digestion
  • Eliminates nausea (including during pregnancy and chemotherapy)
  • Helps with motion sickness in transport
  • Recommended for indigestion, flatulence, colds
  • Warms, improves blood circulation (including with cold hands and feet)
  • Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory action
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels and inhibits the formation of blood clots (thrombi)

Ginger is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and mineral fertilizers on the best plantations in the South of Vietnam.

Ingredients: organic ginger rhizome, organic rice, talc. Vegetarian capsule consists of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Certified by Ecocert SA.

Each capsule contains 354 mg of ginger (equivalent to 3333 mg of fresh ginger).

No preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners. Without GMO.

Biologically active additive. It is not a medicinal product.

Energy value of 100 g of the product: 337 kcal.

Nutritional value of 100 g of the product: proteins - 8.52 g, fats - 1.63 g; carbohydrates - 72.20 g.

Usage: 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day, preferably with meals. May be used as a tea (dissolve the contents of the capsule in hot water).

Biologically active additive. It is not a medicinal product.

Recommended to be combined with:

  • capsules ARTICHOKE, TURMERIC, HEPATOCLINE to maintain the function of the liver, gallbladder and improve digestion;
  • herbal teas SOPHORA, CHRYSANTHEM and PHYTOCEREBRALISIN capsules - when strengthening blood vessels and capillaries; with dizziness; with hypertension.
  • with the PHYTOLINCI group - as a blood thinner for thrombophlebitis;
  • with capsules FLU-YIN, RINACAP and PHYTOPULMIN extract for colds.

Contraindications: Not recommended for individual sensitivity to the components of the product, gallstones. Pregnant women, women during lactation and children are recommended to take only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician.

Producer: pharmaceutical factory FITO PHARMA, Vietnam.

Distributor: PE "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 36, +38 067 324 84 64.

Consultant pharmacist, physician manager: +38 097 256 00 81

Certification: Ecocert SA (France), Eurolesf (meets the requirements of the European Union for the production of organic products), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

DIGEST "PHYTOTHERAPY FOR THE COLD" (phytopreparations, recommendations of an oriental medicine doctor, clinical trials)


23 February 2022
Очень хорошо способствует оттоку желчи и его можно использовать как желчегонное. Практически нет побочных эффектов, очень недорогой. Весьма эффективный.