Hygiene pads Organic Cotton Regular Ultra Thin Natracare Wing, 14 Pieces

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For moderate discharge
With wings
Organic cotton, no plastic

Hygiene pads Organic Cotton Regular Ultra Thin Natracare Wing, 14 Pieces

Ultra-thin pads for moderate discharge, with wings.

  • Natural materials
  • Organic cotton in contact with skin
  • Not chlorine bleached (TCF certification)
  • No plastic, viscose, fragrances, lubricants
  • 95% biodegradable, non-polluting
  • The world's # 1 brand for organic feminine hygiene products

Why natural pads?

It makes sense to use pads made from natural materials for every menstrual cycle. Many gynecologists recommend that women with sensitive skin use Natracare pads to reduce contact with chlorine bleached materials and products containing synthetic additives and petrochemical superabsorbents.

Since 1989, Natracare has offered women a non-chemical alternative to tampons, pads, and wipes.

The use of Natracare Natural Pads includes:

  • prevention of female dermatitis
  • protection against allergic reactions
  • avoidance of contact with harmful chemical compounds
  • making a positive contribution to your health and the environment

Usage: peel off the paper strip and fix the pad to the linen. After use, we recommend that you wrap the used pad in paper and proceed as with normal waste. Natracare pads are 95% biodegradable and compostable under the correct conditions.

Ingredients: organic cotton, eco wood pulp (FSC certified), corn starch, non-toxic glue. Individual pocket made of cornstarch (bioplast). Recycled paper outer packaging.

Manufacturer: Bodywise, UK.

Production facilities: Sweden.

Distributor: Private Enterprise "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 33, +38 067 324 84 64.

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