ILANG-ILANG Natur Boutique essential oil, 10 ml

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Aromatic Oil ILANG-ILANG Natur Boutique, 10 ml

Aroma: juicy, floral-sweet, warm, delicate, alluring.

Description: Tall tropical evergreen tree with weeping branches, covered with large white and yellow flowers. blooms almost all year round. The essential oil is obtained from flowers by steam or water distillation.

Country of origin: Madagascar.

"Erotic" oil.

The sweet, seductive scent allows you to overcome the inner inhibitions and restrictions and ignites the fire of passion. Especially suitable for women: thanks to him, they discover their inner femininity and sensuality, gain confidence.

On a psychological level, ylang ylang soothes, lifts the mood, gives a sense of peace, and eases the expression of repressed or repressed feelings.

· Aphrodisiac.

· Has an antiseptic and wound healing effect.

· Relieves nervous tension and fatigue, in the evening bath will provide relaxation and good sleep.

· Reduces high blood pressure.

· Soothes, one of the best oils for anger calming.

· Promotes skin rejuvenation and hydration.

· Perfect for all skin types, especially oily skin. Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.

· Strengthens hair.

Use ylang ylang for a short time or in small amounts, otherwise the smell may be too heavy or repulsive, which may even cause nausea or headaches. It goes well with lemon, bergamot, cedar, rose, sage.

Ingredients: 100% essential oil of ylang-ylang (canangaodorata)

The shelf life of essential oils (except for the citrus group) is unlimited if the oil is stored in the dark, hermetically sealed, at a temperature from 0 to 30 degrees C. It is known that "thin" oils, like "thin" wines, are refined from long-term storage (incense, rose, neroli, sandalwood).

Production (this is bottling and packaging, since pure essential oils do not mix with anything and do not undergo any additional processing, but are bottled in their pure form, as they were received from the country of origin) is located in Nikolaev, RosKosmetika LLC.

Ingestion: there is no approval for the ingestion of oils. Therefore, regardless of product quality, we cannot recommend our oils for internal use.


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