Lollipops with propolis Med'ok

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Gluten free
Natural Alternative to Lozenges for Sore Throat
Ingredients: sugar, water, propolis extract
Relieves Cold Symptoms

Lollipops with propolis Med'ok

In cold weather, pain and sore throat, as well as coughing, are common. To alleviate the symptoms of the disease, we are accustomed to using pharmaceutical preparations. Of course, pills for sore throat and coughs work, but they contain many chemicals that are not at all beneficial to the body.

Lollipops with propolis extract from TM Medoc must have a completely natural composition and are absolutely harmless. The only contraindication for taking them is individual intolerance to propolis and its components. Propolis extract relieves unpleasant symptoms of colds well. This is the perfect medicine for children - tasty and healthy at the same time.

Ingredients: sugar, water, propolis extract.

Manufacturer: Medok.

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