Natur Boutique ORANGE essential oil, 10 ml

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Natur Boutique ORANGE aroma oil, 10 ml

Aroma: sweet, warm, fruity.

Description: An evergreen plant of the Rutaceae family with shiny dark green leaves, fragrant white flowers and many fruits. The essential oil is obtained from the peel of an almost ripe fruit by pressing.

Country of origin: Brazil, Italy.

“Smiling” oil - a scent that inspires joy, helps to see the bright side of life and find reasons for laughing. Dispels irrational fear of the unknown and strengthens self-confidence.

· Has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect.

· Soothes, invigorates (tones), refreshes.

· Improves mood, creates a joyful and light atmosphere. Antidepressant action. Add to the bath for anxiety, stress, insomnia.

· Helps get rid of cellulite.

· Stimulates digestion (constipation, colic, gas), heart function. Antispasmodic action.

· Ideal for dry skin.

It goes well with other citrus fruits and spices, sage, geraniums.

Suitable for children, soft familiar scent.

Ingredients: 100% orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil.

The shelf life of essential oils (except for the citrus group) is unlimited if the oil is stored in the dark, hermetically sealed, at a temperature from 0 to 30 degrees C. It is known that "thin" oils, like "thin" wines, are refined from long-term storage (incense, rose, neroli, sandalwood).

Production (this is bottling and packaging, since pure essential oils do not mix with anything and do not undergo any additional processing, but are bottled in their pure form, as they were received from the country of origin) is located in Nikolaev, RosKosmetika LLC.

Ingestion: there is no approval for the ingestion of oils. Therefore, regardless of product quality, we cannot recommend our oils for internal use.

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