Natur Boutique Organic Aloe & Mango Face Cream, 50 ml

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Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Mango Oil
Nice aroma of geranium
Restores, moisturizes, improves skin elasticity

Natur Boutique Organic Aloe & Mango Face Cream, 50 ml

Natural cream with organic ingredients: aloe vera juice and mango oil.

Restores and moisturizes the skin.

Organic aloe vera juice moisturizes, nourishes, relieves inflammation and restores the skin, with prolonged use promotes more elastic and dense skin.

Geranium oil is one of the best rejuvenating essential oils, increases elasticity and resilience, helps with brittle skin capillaries, balances the production of sebum, relieves inflammation.

Organic mango oil softens and reduces wrinkles.

Rice oil contains antioxidants - tocotrienols, which help smooth wrinkles and protect against UV radiation.

99.5% of ingredients of natural origin.

Does not contain silicones, artificial aromatizers, dyes, petrochemical products.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Instructions for use: apply a small amount of cream on the skin. Use twice a day. Attention: the cream does not contain silicones, so you need to wait a few minutes for the cream to be completely absorbed and feel comfortable.

Ingredients: water, rice oil, organic aloe vera juice, organic mango oil, cetearyl olivate (vegetable emulsifier) ​​and sorbitan olivate (vegetable emulsifier), glycerin, vitamin E, xanthan gum (natural thickener), geranium essential oil, sodium sorbate alcohol, lactic acid, geraniol *, citronellol *. * natural components of essential oils.

Manufacturer: FITO PHARMA Pharmaceutical Factory, Vietnam.

Distributor: PE "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 33, +38 067 324 84 64.


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