OREGANO essential oil 10 ml Absolute Aromas

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OREGANO essential oil 10 ml Absolute Aromas
British certification body for organic food, cosmetics, etc.
Antibiotic, antibacterial action, antiseptic
Strengthens the immune system and respiratory system

The spicy oregano plant is known for its taste in Mediterranean cuisine.

Oregano has many therapeutic properties, but oregano oil is potent and should be used sparingly.

Properties: antibiotic, antibacterial action, antiseptic, strengthens the immune system, respiratory system and improves digestion.

The method of obtaining oil: from the leaves and roots.

Contraindications: this oil is contraindicated for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is also not recommended for children. Never apply to the skin undiluted. This oil is strong and should be used in moderation.

Appearance of oil: pale yellow.

Usage: dissolve 3-5 drops in 10 ml of base oil.

Ingredients: 100% oregano oil (undiluted, natural, organic).

Country of origin: France.

Manufacturer: Absolute Aromas, United Kingdom.


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