Phytoconcentrate PROPOLIS Med'ok, 25 g

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Gluten free
Natural "antibiotic"
Highly effective anti-inflammatory and wound healing

Phytoconcentrate PROPOLIS Med'ok, 25 g

A transparent liquid of dark brown color, with a specific odor and a bitter taste, when tested on the tongue, it has an anesthetic effect, during storage, precipitation is possible.

The bottle contains propolis tinctures in the ratio: 1:10 - 25 ml. ...


- Antimicrobial;

- Anti-inflammatory;

- Normalizes metabolism;

- Accelerates the process of tissue regeneration;

- Wound healing;

- Deodorant;

- Antitoxic;

- Stimulates metabolic processes;

- Reduces blood clotting;

- Relieves vascular spasm;

- Antioxidant;

- Increases the body's defenses.


- Individual intolerance to any of the components of the drug;

- Allergic reactions to bee products;

- Propolis does not interfere with medication intake. At least two hours should pass between taking the medicine and propolis;

- In order to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions, a limited small dose of propolis is prescribed for the first dose or a provocative test is performed: propolis extract is applied to the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall or the soft palate and observed for 30 minutes. When a blister or severe hyperemia appears at the site of propolis application, treatment with its drugs should not be carried out;

- When treating people, you should not prescribe more than 15-20 drops of a 5% alcohol solution of propolis if the patient weighs 60-70 kg. An increase in this dose can lead to negative consequences.


Propolis tincture is intended solely for topical use.

Locally for wounds, skin burns and inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, gums (stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis); pharynx (pharyngitis); tonsils (tonsillitis); ear (otitis media) and sinuses (sinusitis).

In case of injuries, the affected areas of the skin are lubricated with tincture 2-3 times / day.

In case of otitis media, a soaked cotton swab is injected into the external auditory canal after cleansing it, or 1-2 drops of the drug are instilled 3-4 times / day.

In case of pharyngitis or tonsillitis, propolis tincture is used to lubricate the mucous membranes of the pharynx and tonsils 2-3 times / day or irrigate with an aqueous solution of the drug (dilute the tincture with warm water in a ratio of 1:20).

The paranasal sinuses are washed with a mixture of tincture with saline (0.9% sodium chloride solution) in a ratio of 1:10, the duration of the course of treatment is usually 4 days.

With periodontium, wet cotton swabs are inserted into the periodontal cavities.

When rinsing the mouth with lesions and injuries of the mucous membrane, 30-40 drops of propolis tincture are dissolved in 100 ml of warm water.

Side effects:

When treating with alcohol tincture of propolis (mainly with its abuse), lethargy, deterioration of appetite, an increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood, and sometimes allergic reactions, less often - the temperature rises, weakness and other general symptoms appear that disappear after stopping treatment with propolis. Therefore, if you decide to buy propolis tincture for treatment, you must strictly observe the dosage of the drug!

Ingredients: propolis, ethanol.

Manufacturer: Med'ok, Kharkiv region.

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