Shungite - natural filter water activator, 500 g

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Structures water and saturates with microelements
Removes harmful impurities (nitrates, heavy metals, organochlorine compounds, pesticides, dioxins, radionuclides)

Shungite - natural filter water activator, 500 g

  • Structures it and makes it biologically active;
    Cleans from harmful impurities (nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, organochlorine compounds, colloidal iron of water pipes, pesticides, dioxins, phenols, oil products, radionuclides);
    Saturates the body with useful macro- and microelements and absorbs harmful ones; Makes water not just pure drinking, but a new generation.
    Use 2-3 liters of water per 150 g of shungite. For drinking, cooking, as well as for cosmetic and other purposes.

    Before the first use, rinse shungite several times with running water. Infuse in water at a ratio of 1:15 -1:20 for 3 days until the turbidity disappears. Add water as needed. Periodically rinse shungite with water from the settled plaque.

    Shungite 150 g: for drinking, for cosmetic purposes, for animals
    Shungite 500 g: for drinking and cooking, for cosmetic purposes, for baths (infuse the package in 7-10 liters of water for 3 days, then add it to a bath with ordinary water. It is enough to take baths 2 times a week).
    It must be remembered that over time, the amount of fullerenes released into the water decreases, which leads to a weakening of the healing properties of shungite. Therefore, it is desirable 1 time in 2-3 months. Change the filter media.

    More about SHUNGIT:

    SHUNGITE is the oldest carbon-containing mineral on the planet. Unlike diamond and graphite, shungite has an unusual carbon matrix. Molecules of such carbon are similar in structure to a soccer ball and are called FULLERENES.

    Karelian shungites occur in the most ancient layers of the earth's crust, the age of which exceeds 2 billion years. The high concentration of fullerenes in them makes it possible to assume their cosmic origin. It turned out that when interacting with water, shungite acquires healing qualities. It structures water, making it biologically active. It helps to work all the biological structures of the body without suppressing healthy cells. Fullerene turned out to be the most powerful and long-acting antioxidant. Shungite water acts on the body in many ways. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Its bactericidal properties, persistent antihistamine effect are unique.

    Shungite is a universal sorbent. Shungite has no equal in its ability to purify water from harmful impurities. It absorbs up to 95% of pollutants on its surface, removes turbidity and gives the water a spring taste. Shungite removes heavy metals, colloidal iron from water pipes, nitrates and nitrites, pesticides, dioxins, phenols, organochlorine compounds, oil products, radionuclides, helminth eggs, viruses and bacteria from water. At the same time, it saturates the body with useful micro and macro elements, absorbing harmful ones. With a great effect, shungite water is used for gargling the throat, mouth, nose with tonsillitis, periodontal disease, rhinitis.

    Composition: 100% shungite.

    Producer: TM PhytoBioTechnologies, Ukraine

Наталья Котик
04 December 2020
Очень понравилась вода после очистки шунгитом. В чайнике теперь не остается налета и нет осадка, это заметно.