Spelled flour organic Ecorod, 1kg

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Spelled flour organic Ecorod, 1 kg

Spelled flour from Ecorod is made from crushed grains of organically grown spelled, the oldest type of wheat.

Spelled is the record holder for protein, fiber and vitamin composition among all types of cereals. For its value and nutrients, it is called black caviar among cereals.

Spelled is the wheat that contains the largest amount of protein - from 27% to 37%. Spelled porridge has a pleasant nutty flavor and is incredibly healthy, especially for children. Gluten protein, which is especially rich in this cereal, contains 18 essential amino acids for the body, which cannot be obtained from animal food. Spelled is richer in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber than regular wheat. Contained in it special soluble carbohydrates - mycopolysaccharides - have the ability to strengthen the immune system. The beneficial substances contained in spelled have a high level of solubility, so they are more easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

The peculiarity of spelled is that its useful substances are equally distributed both in the shell and in the grain itself. This means that no matter how grinded, the grain will not lose its value.

Spelled when grown does not tolerate mineral fertilizers, so it is grown on special soils. Its mass production is not profitable for most manufacturers. This business is taken up mainly by farms that specialize in the production of organic products.

Spelled and soft wheat have the same genomic composition, but spelled differs in protein composition (this is felt in the nutty aftertaste that is present in spelled porridge (spelled). Therefore, people with partial gluten intolerance can eat spelled products. According to the opinion and experience of allergists, - even if a person is allergic to all grains and the gluten contained in them, this does not mean that they will be allergic to spelled.

Ingredients: organic flour made from crushed spelled grains.

Certification: Euroleaf (meets the standards of the European Union for the production of organic products).

Manufacturer: Organic Original, Ukraine, Vyshgorod.

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