Coffee MOKKA 100% Arabica ground organic Alce Nero, 250 g

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Coffee MOKKA 100% Arabica ground organic Alce Nero, 250 g
Official sign of organic products in the European Union
Coffee MOKKA 100% Arabica ground organic Alce Nero, 250 g — Photo 1
Fair trade - decent conditions without forced and child labor
Light and aromatic organic coffee
Arabica from Latin America, growing height 1000-2000 meters

Composition: 100% Arabica

Roasted and ground organic coffee

Light coffees from Peru and Nicaragua support each other in taste with hints of hazelnuts.

Pleasant and clean aftertaste.

Coffee with a rich aroma, sweet and slightly sour, with a caffeine content of 0.8% to 1.5%.

Arabica plants grow well at an altitude of 1000 to 2000 meters: the higher the plant grows, the better the organoleptic qualities of the beans.

Alce Nero farmers are part of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, an international organization that promotes the principles of quality, health and sustainable development, which today has more than 14,000 producer families in Latin America.

Alce Nero is one of the shareholders of Coop. Sin Fronteras, together with Cooperativa Norandino in Peru and Prodecoop in Nicaragua, produce Fairtrade certified organic coffee.

Harvesting and processing Ripe fruits (called cherries) are harvested during dry and less rainy periods of the year. Cherry consists of two paired grains wrapped in a protective film (parchment).

The coffee is processed with a wet method, which guarantees the quality and value of the coffee, avoiding in most cases the need for subsequent operations to correct defects.

Green coffee is roasted after drying, and the beans turn into crumbly, light, brown and aromatic, and they can be ground.

Aroma preservation valve. Freshly roasted coffee is packed in a protective atmosphere. The packaging is equipped with a flap to preserve the aroma, which retains the individuality and strength of the original taste.

Touch Profile:

Fragrance 5 out of 5

Body 4 of 5

Bitter 3.5 out of 5

Aftertaste 4 out of 5

Storage conditions: store in a dry place at room temperature

Country: Italy

Manufacturer: Alce Nero S.p.a

19 December 2020
Кофе мокка мягкое и приятное на вкус. я даже его не заваривала, а просто залила кипятком и размешала, понравилось!