CUSHION from organic buckwheat husk 40 x 60 cm, Natur Boutique

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Organic buckwheat husk
For healthy sleep

CUSHION from organic buckwheat husk 40 x 60 cm, Natur Boutique

Filler composition: organic buckwheat husk

Pillowcase: 100% cotton

Size: 40 * 60cm

Due to its flowability, the husk is mixed inside the pillow until it takes a shape that suits you. This ensures a sound and healthy sleep.
The distance between the particles of buckwheat husk is filled with air, so the scalp "breathes" on a pillow made of buckwheat husks and does not overheat.
The husk particles are hard enough to provide micromassage to the head and neck.
The pillow helps to get rid of snoring, as it contributes to the correct orthopedic position of the neck and spine. In this position, air passes freely through the respiratory tract.
The pillows have a pleasant natural smell - an aesthetic advantage and a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. To enhance the effect, pillowcases made of pure cotton or linen are used, which do not impede the penetration of the healing scent.
Care: Protect the filler from moisture. You can ventilate the pillow in the summer in the sun, in the winter in the cold. Vacuum through the filler once a month. A buckwheat pillow can serve for about 2 years, then the buckwheat husk is erased into dust.

Made by special order for Natur Boutique.

Инна Архипенко
04 December 2020
Очень хорошая подушка. И запах отменный- легкий, ненавязчивый и приятный