Herbert Kopf "Biodynamic Farm"

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Basic principles of biodynamic method
About the biodynamic farm as a balanced self-sufficient system

Herbert Kopf "Biodynamic Farm"
Publisher: VK "ARS", Lviv 2017
ISBN 978-966-2739-38-1
Circulation: 200
Pages: 272

The book is written in order to provide a brief factual and, to some extent, conceptual description of the biodynamic method, the basic principles of which were formulated by Rudolf Steiner.

Biodynamic farms are created in the likeness of the organism, including well-adapted to local conditions and balanced combinations of flora and fauna. The farm approaches its naturalness when it represents a kind of individual, self-contained integrity, self-sufficient individuality. The author urges to strive for this ideal.

G. Kopf's book is a respectable work in which he tried to describe in detail the biodynamic farm as a balanced self-sufficient system in which structure and management allow to anticipate and respond quickly to emerging problems, and its characteristic feature is the use of active substances in homeopathic doses. Where the first priority is not productivity, but proper care, health and completeness, not resource exploitation, but environmental protection and long-term stability, not profit and competitiveness, but justice and cooperation, not specialization and rigid formulas, but diversity, flexibility and evolution.

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