Liquid detergent for laundry COLOR in economical packaging organic AlmaWin, 1.5 l

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Liquid detergent for laundry COLOR in economical packaging organic AlmaWin, 1.5 l
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
Suitable for washing white and colored items
Contains plant extracts and oils

Liquid detergent for laundry COLOR in economical packaging organic AlmaWin, 1.5 l

Concentrated liquid detergent COLOR AlmaWin for washing white and colored laundry with a unique detergent efficiency even at low temperatures. The organic components of the product make it safe and hand wash.

The product is suitable for washing white and colored clothes, protects the fibers from washing out and helps to keep the color fast for a long time. Does not require the use of fabric softener, leaves clothes soft and pleasant to the touch after washing.

Liquid laundry detergent COLOR consists of pure vegetable soap, formulated from natural fats and oils. Professional control in the selection of ingredients excludes the presence of preservatives, enzymes, GMOs. Manufacturers have made sure that the detergent can work already at 30 ° C, and is also suitable for hand washing (dermatological properties are confirmed by the relevant authorities in Germany).

How does it work:

Softens water, provides the correct pH value. Concentrated liquid detergent AlmaWin works effectively in water of any hardness level. This is possible thanks to the sodium salts of succinic acid, as well as the addition of lactic acid. Lactic acid is a substance obtained as a result of fermentation of by-products of sugar production (for example, molasses). In addition to the function of softening water, it is responsible for stabilizing the pH number.

Prevents re-sedimentation of dirt. The aforementioned sodium salts of succinic acid prevent re-deposition of dirt particles in the fibers of the fabric.

Takes care of the skin of the hands. By dissolving grease and stains on your laundry during washing, the detergent also dissolves the oils in your skin. To prevent dry skin, AlmaWin contains wheat proteins. They allow you to restore the natural grease of your hands when hand washed.

Cleans effectively. The detergency of the concentrated liquid detergent AlmaWin is increased by the addition of ethyl alcohol.

Aromatizes. Natural essential oils of lavender, which are part of the product, give a pleasant aroma to the washed laundry. The plants used go through their life cycle in natural conditions and retain all the fullness of their natural delicate fragrance.

Recommendations for use: Taking into account the recommendations for washing on labels of laundry and clothes, pour the concentrated liquid detergent AlmaWin directly into the drum of the washing machine directly on the clothes.

Recommended dosage:

1 measuring cap = 30 ml

machine wash 1.5 (40 ml) - 4 (110 ml) caps of the product
for hand wash, dilute 15 ml of the product in 5 liters of water
Additional recommendations: The addition of AlmaWin Concentrated Oxygen Bleach and AlmaWin Bile Soap will help remove stubborn stains.

Safety precautions: All AlmaWin products are hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by systematic independent tests. However, as a precaution, people who are prone to allergic reactions are advised to use a double rinse cycle.

Ingredients:> = 5% <15% soap (vegetable oil soap *), <5% nonionic surfactants, fragrances (natural essential oils), limonene.
* 4.1% of ingredients are certified organic.

Other Ingredients: Water, Ethanol, Sodium Citric Acid, Linden Flower Extract *, Lactic Acid. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Country of origin: Germany

Certification: Eco Garantie (Belgium).

Package size: 1.5 l - 20 wash cycles

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