Essential oil BERGAMOT organic Absolute Aromas, 10 ml

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"Sun" oil, antidepressant, improves mood
Sicily (Italy)

Essential oil BERGAMOT organic Absolute Aromas, 10 ml

Bergamot oil has a sweet fruity, citrusy aroma.

Bergamot is the perfect oil to help relieve the feeling of a heavy morning any day of the week!

Absolute Aromas Bergamot Essential Oil is made from the rind of bergamot fruit, grown without the use of agrochemistry, as certified by the Soil Association.

Extraction method: the oil is squeezed out of the peel of the fruit.

Main therapeutic properties: antiseptic.

Contraindications: phototoxic, do not apply to skin before sun exposure.

Oil appearance: transparent.
"Sunny" essential oil. Great for dealing with depression and anxiety. Bergamot makes the soul warm, it is associated with the heart chakra.

· Improves mood, pleases, cheers up on gray cold winter evenings.

· Relieves nervous tension, seasonal depression.

· Possesses anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action (cystitis, creams, acne).

· Soothes.

· Promotes an increase in lactation.

· Effective for problem skin: tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

· Aphrodisiac.

It goes well with other citrus and floral aromas, as well as with rosemary, sage.

Usage: dissolve 3-5 drops in 10 ml of base oil.

Ingredients: 100% bergamot oil (undiluted, natural, organic).

Country of origin: Sicily (Italy).

Caution: Do not ingest, do not apply undiluted to the skin, keep away from children and eyes.

Manufacturer: Absolute Aromas, UK.

Certification: Soil Association (UK).


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