Essential oil LAVENDER French organic Absolute Aromas, 10 ml

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Soothes, relaxes

Essential oil organic LAVENDER French Absolute Aromas, 10 ml

Lavender is the most popular essential oil in aromatherapy, especially for its relaxing and antiseptic properties. The name of the plant comes from the Latin Lavare - to wash, probably from its use to cleanse wounds.

Absolute Aromas Lavender Essential Oil is made from lavender grown without the use of agrochemicals, as certified by the Soil Association.

Extraction method: Oil is subjected to steam sublimation from freshly cut flowering tops.

Main therapeutic properties: analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, soothing.

Contraindications: Non-toxic and non-irritating in the prescribed doses.

Oil appearance: transparent to pale yellow.

Chakra: Anahata (heart), Sahasrara (crown) and Muladhara (root).

Chinese element: Fire (and wood).

Lavender has a fresh, floral, light sweet scent. This lavender grows at a low altitude of about 600-1000 meters in the Provence region of France. There are various different clones and this is Maillette. This clone has a lower ester content than alpine lavender, giving a pungent and earthy scent.

Lavender is a gentle oil and is the most versatile in aromatherapy.

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, try putting two drops on a handkerchief and placing it near your pillow.

Since lavender works very well with many other oils, make the following mixture: add 3 drops of lavender, 3 drops of mandarin, and 1 drop of geranium in a teaspoon of sweet almond oil to a warm bath.
Usage: dissolve 3-5 drops in 10 ml of base oil.

Ingredients: 100% Lavandula angustifolia lavender oil (undiluted, natural, organic).

Country of origin: France.

Caution: Do not ingest, do not use undiluted on the skin, keep away from children and eyes.

Manufacturer: Absolute Aromas, UK.

Certification: Soil Association (UK).

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