Red elephant liquid balm fito Vietnamese star

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Red elephant liquid balm fito Vietnamese star
Good manufacturing practice - quality standard for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
First aid kit in the palm of your hand
Pain reliever, anti-cold
From insects

"First aid kit in the palm of your hand." Universal anti-inflammatory, analgesic, warming balm. Relieves headache, toothache, menstrual pain. Useful for colds, sore throat, poisoning. Scares away insects, accelerates the healing of bruises, insect bites. Distracting for nausea.

An old recipe based on natural extracts of camphor laurel, field mint and basil.

Structure: mint essential oil, camphor laurel essential oil, eugenol basil essential oil.

Excipients: liquid paraffin, red food coloring.

Dietary supplement. It is not a drug.

Packaging: 3 ml

Complexes of active substances of essential oils of Basil, Lavra and Mint cause local anesthetic and antispasmodic effect.

Peppermint menthol is able to activate the cold receptors of the respiratory tract and others, making breathing easier in case of respiratory diseases.

The active ingredients of Lavra camphor provide a local antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug, have a positive effect on blood microcirculation, immunological reactions, increase body temperature at the site of application, (associated with expansion of capillaries), improve the supply of oxygen to tissues, accelerate the breakdown of metabolic products that cause pain.

In traditional Eastern medicine, the classic recipe ELEPHANT RED is used:

  • as an external anti-inflammatory agent that improves peripheral circulation and relieves pain in arthrosis, neuralgia, bruises, scratches, insect bites;
  • as a warming and anti-inflammatory agent for colds (for rubbing and in the form of inhalation);
  • for massage of reflexogenic zones and warming up muscles before and after sports training;
  • as a distraction for motion sickness, nausea, toothaches and headaches.

Doses and method of application: apply 2-3 drops, lightly grind and wrap with something warm 2-3 times a day and at night for 5-7 days. For inhalation, dilute 2-3 drops of the balm in a glass of boiled water.

Recommended to combine with:

FITOPULMIN extract, RINACAP and FLU YIN capsules for colds;
FONG TE THAP extract, ARTRALGIN capsules, REUMATON for joint diseases.
Manufacturer: pharmaceutical factory FITO PHARMA, Vietnam.

Distributor: Private Enterprise "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 36, +38 067 324 84 64.

Pharmacist-consultant, manager of work with doctors: +38 097 256 00 81

Certification: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).



10 reviews
29 December 2022
На роботі доводиться взаємодіяти з різними відвідувачами, у закритому та нечасто провітрюваному приміщенні завжди є ризик підчепити якийсь простудний вірус. Щоб уникнути цього, для профілактики використовую бальзам з впевненістю в його антисептичних властивостях . До того ж аромат добре мене бадьорить та тонізує протягом робочого дня.
21 July 2021
Снова и снова убеждаюсь в мощности этого маленького бальзама. Грибок на ногте. Врач выписала 6 видов лекарств на общую сумму около 600 гривен. Я пожадничала и пользовалась только слоном. Повторные анализы показали, что грибка нет. Зачем платить больше?
19 July 2021
Супербальзам. У меня дома всегда есть Красный Слон, да и в поездки всегда беру. При первых признаках простуды и боли в горле перед сном растираю шею и на утро здорова. Также, для закрепления результата сутки-двое пью по 6 капсул Флу-инь.
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Red elephant liquid balm fito Vietnamese star

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